April 2014


Spring has really arrived at Little Marshfoot this month, with the first Swallow spotted on the Pevensey Levels on April 1st.

The Chiff Chaff was the first of the summer migrants to arrive, first heard on March 16th, and this month was followed by Whitethroats and Willow Warblers, all singing away here at Little Marshfoot.

The first Cuckoo was heard here on April 18th, exactly the same day as last year.

And the Reed Warblers arrived, from Africa, on the Levels between the 16th and 21st.  These little birds build their nests cupped around the reeds by the ditches, and are hosts for cuckoos – so their arrival was well co-ordinated!  It is hard to see these birds, but their noisy chirping is a lovely sign that summer is on its way.

A walk across the Pevensey Levels from Little Marshfoot on Easter Monday was very interesting. Lambs are everywhere, and birdlife included Lapwings, a Little Egret, noisy Reed Warblers, a Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipits, Mute Swans, Carrion Crows and Gulls, and ducks too far away to identify!

Blackbird with worms


To end the month, I am really pleased to report that there are a pair of blackbirds nesting in the garden – they seem to return to the same spot every year so I hope the chicks successfully hatch and fledge in the coming month.  Watch this space!


We have already fledged Blue Tits and Sparrows this year, and are at times deafened by the songs of the Chaffinch, the ChiffChaff, the Whitethroat, the Willow Warbler, and the call of the Green Woodpecker.  The Great Spotted Woodpecker feeds on our feeders, and this past month regular visits from a pair of  unmissable Bullfinches – I suspect they are nesting in the vicinity, somewhere…………