November 2014

With the nights drawing in and the weather being wet and relatively mild, like last year, there are no obvious winter migrants in the garden, although flocks of  redwing and fieldfare are to be seen stripping the berries from the hawthorns on the Pevensey Levels.

Further afield a swallow was seen on the  25th at Belle Tout, about to cross the channel on a very late migration, and on the same day a Rough legged Buzzard was seen hunting on the Downs at Jevington.

This same bird featured early in the month in a blog by a local naturalist:

And it has been reported in the Cuckmere/Jevington area all month.

If you want to be able to see the difference between a Common Buzzard and a Rough legged Buzzard, have a look at

Another migrant seen in the Cuckmere Estuary was a Great Grey Shrike, on the 18th

Back at Little Marshfoot, the blackbirds are consuming the grapes that have been left for them, there are four Jays that visit the peanut tray regularly.  Jays are shy birds and probably are roosting in the Oak copse across the fields.

Finally, on the very last day of the month, Redwings were spotted stripping the berries off the hawthorns in the hedge.