December 2014 at Little Marshfoot

The month started off grey and raw, with an average temperature of 7C in the first week.

However, visitors to the garden include a number of Blackbirds, who are gradually consuming a range of berries – the holly which has a good crop this year, the hawthorns and the pyracantha.

A family of long tailed tits pass through looking for insects

The second week of December brightened up and was consequently cooler, with a couple of the first hard frosts of the winter. Regular visitors to the garden now are the Jays, and small flocks of Gold finches are to be seen seeking out insects in the trees.

The Blackbirds are really stripping the berries, I wonder if there are a lot of winter visitors here from mainland Europe, as these birds are to be seen everywhere, out on the Pevensey Levels and in the surrounding fields. And a special visitor, this week, for the first time this winter, has been a male pheasant under the feeders.